YSC Virtual Hangout for LGBTQ+ Survivors

Meets second Sunday of the month at 7PM ET | 6PM CT | 4PM PT

This YSC Virtual Hangout is a space for LGBTQ+ survivors and thrivers to meet new friends and connect with others who face similar decision-making experiences in healthcare. We welcome fierce advocates to shy listeners and everything in-between. Peer-moderated by YSC community members Dulce S. and Crystal S.

About Crystal S.

Crystal was born and raised in Southwest Ohio and now lives in Georgia with her loving wife. She spoke her truth and came out in 2003 at the age of 23. She was diagnosed at the end of June 2020 with both non-invasive and  invasive ductal carcinoma Her2 negative and positive breast cancer. She also has the check2 gene. She says, "Life after ringing that bell on December 10, 2021, has been up and down. I have been trying to find a way I can give back to the new family of fighters and survivors I'm a part of now. I am so excited to meet  others and hear their  journeys. Also to help in any way I can, like others have for me."