Research Agenda


YSC Introduces Its Research Agenda on Breast Cancer in Young Women

  • It is time to acknowledge that we have only made incremental strides toward understanding the environmental (internal and external) factors that cause breast cancer in young women, and to do something about it.

  • It is time to identify the right questions and the right people to answer them, so young women stop dying from this disease.

  • It is time to focus the attention and work of the medical and research community to ensure that young women are not being forgotten in the war against breast cancer. 

Driven by these principles, YSC embarked on an almost two year long process called the “Research Think Tank.”  Over 50 advocates, researchers, and physicians, working together, identified the most pressing research questions, which must be answered in order to improve the quantity and quality of life for young women affected by breast cancer. 

The result of these efforts is the YSC Research Agenda.


2014 YSC Research Agenda


YSC hopes that researchers will use this list as a guide in formulating their future research projects and that funders will use it to guide their funding decisions. YSC recognizes the value of breast cancer research and the impact of dedicated scientists, researchers, and practicing physicians who strive to end this disease. They are our partners in this fight, and progress depends on their guidance and assistance. 

A special article has been published in the Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology that summarizes the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) Research Think Tank Meeting, held in Arlington, Virginia, in February 2013, and presents the process that led to YSC’s priorities for YWBC research.

Working together, we will change the face of breast cancer and make a significant positive and sustainable impact in the lives of young women facing this disease.

How YSC Can Help Your Research:

YSC does not perform or fund clinical research. We recognize that progress on our Research Agenda can only be made through the efforts of the cancer research community, specifically scientists, researchers, practicing physicians, and other nonprofits. YSC is willing to work with and assist researchers who conduct studies that fall within our research priorities.  However, because YSC is a nonprofit with finite resources, we cannot assist on every study or grant opportunity presented to us―as much as we would like to!

To submit your request for research assistance, complete this form. Provide details about your study, how it fits within the YSC research priorities, and a description of the assistance you are seeking. Here are some parameters and ways in which we can assist.

Check out the video of the Research Think Tank meeting held in Washington DC.