Speak Up at Home: Local Advocacy

Advocacy doesn’t just happen in Washington, DC. Passionate young women make things better for all of us at every level of government. Ever wonder how cancer-awareness license plates came to your home state? Or who provided the pressure to get local legislation passed funding breast-cancer-support services? These things happen over and over thanks to young women like you who found the power of their own voices.

 Local advocacy can make real changes with long-lasting impact on communities and states.  Find out what’s happening in your community by visiting your township, county or state website. Across the country, groups of advocates have joined together to form statewide breast-cancer coalitions.

For information about state and local lobby days, get connected with team leaders from the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s National Action Network. The Advocacy Alliance of Susan G. Komen for the Cure provides a list of current national, state and local opportunities to get involved. Check for one near you, explore opportunities and the issues each organization represents—if the issue matters to you, add your passion, conviction and voice to the cause.

State breast cancer advocacy organizations include:

California Breast Cancer Organizations (CABC )

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

End Breast Cancer Illinois

Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation (Pennsylvania)

Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition

New Hampshire Breast Cancer Coalition

New York State Breast Cancer Support and Education Network

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

Don't see your local advocacy organization posted here? Email messer@youngsurvival.org.