Advocacy from Evidence

You can make your words much more powerful by backing them up with research. Inform your decisions, questions and statements with evidence-based research studies, and your advocacy can make a real difference in young women’s lives. Do your homework — it’s not always easy, but it is necessary!

Find the answers that you need with the links below:

  • The Cochrane Library offers a unique source of reliable and up-to-date information on healthcare treatments. Published quarterly, it provides information and evidence to help ensure better healthcare decisions and offer support and understanding to patients.
  • The National Cancer Institute offers a wealth of information on cancer, clinical trials, statistics and research.
  • Pub Med is a searchable database for published articles and research.  You can read the abstracts and sometimes the full text of the research articles found. 
  • YSC's Research Agenda describes the current state of the research on breast cancer in young women..