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Recorded Support: Transcripts and Audio Files


If you’ve missed any of YSC’s informative programs and events, you can still access many of them through our transcripts and audio files. Available recordings come from C4YW - the Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer, our metastatic breast cancer programs and many others.

To listen to one of our insightful experts or speakers, open any of the MP3 files below. Click on the titles to download and listen using your computer's media player. To read transcripts of our supportive programs, click on any titles below marked with a double asterisk (**) for an Acrobat Reader copy. Download Acrobat Reader for free here.

Topics include: Breast Cancer and Young Women  |  Breast Cancer by Type  |  Treatment, Surgery and Reconstruction  |  Treatment Side Effects  |  Genetics and Personalized Medicine  |  Clinical Trials  |  Nutrition and Physical Wellness  |  Emotional Wellness  |  Family, Dating and Relationships  |  Navigating End of Life Issues  |  Family Planning and Pregnancy |  All of You: Sex, Intimacy and Body Image  |  Career and Finances: Handling the Details  |  Breast Cancer and the Environment  |  Advocacy, Policy, and Telling Your Story


Breast Cancer and Young Women

After Treatment: Now What?!
Speaker: Allison Schaffer, LCSW (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT, DOC

Breast Cancer Medical Update
Speaker: Julie Gralow, MD (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPTX

Understanding the Unique Issues of Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer
Speakers: Kimling Ashing-Giwa, PhD, Stacy Lewis, CHES, Elise Spatz Caplan, MA (Webinar, May, 2013)
Files: PPTX

Breast Cancer by Type

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Emerging Research
Speaker: Kathryn Ruddy, MD (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Speaker: Lupe G. Salazar, MD (C4YW 2013)

Metastatic Breast Cancer- A Medical Update
Speaker: Virginia F. Borges, MD, MMSc (C4YW 2013)

Let's Talk About Metastatic Breast Cancer
Speakers: Generosa Grana, MD, Dikla Benzeevi (YSC Webinar, May 2013)

Medical Update: Early Stage Breast Cancer
Speaker: Generosa Grana, MD (C4YW 2012)

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Understanding Your Options
Speaker: Carey K. Anders, MD (C4YW 2012)

Treatment, Surgery and Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction: An Expert Panel Discussion
Speakers: Frederick Duffy, MD, Michael Rosenberg, MD, Aldona Spiegel, MD (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT1, PPT2, PPT3

Breast Reconstruction: You Have Options
Speaker: Frank J. DellaCroce, MD, FACS (C4YW 2010)

Treatment Side Effects

Managing Side Effects Using Integrative Medicine
Speaker: Don Dizon (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Speaker: Nancy A. Hutchison, MD, CLT-LANA (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPTX 

Managing Side Effects
Speaker: Debra Forman, RN, BSN, ONC (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPTX 

Clearing the Fog: Understanding & Managing "Chemo Brain" 
Speaker: Pamela Joyce Shapiro, PhD (C4YW 2012)

Lymphedema: Prevention & Management
Speaker: Jill Binkley, PT, MSc, FAAOMPT, CLT (C4YW 2012)

Beyond the Hot Flash: What to Know About Early Menopause
Speakers: Jennifer Lyman, OB/GYN, Jean Rowe, LCSW, OSW-C (C4YW 2012)

Surviving and Thriving Through the Years: The Medical Impact of Breast Cancer on Your Health
Speaker: Julie R. Gralow, MD (C4YW 2010)

Genetics and Personalized Medicine

HBOC, BRCA, Genetics
Speaker: Jennifer Klemp, MD (C4YW 2014)
Files: PDF

Understanding Personalized Medicine and Genome Research
Speaker: Minetta C. Liu, MD (C4YW 2010)

**Protect Yourself: What Young Women Need To Know about Genetics and Breast/Ovarian Cancer
Speakers: Kenneth Offit, MD, MPH; Zsofia K. Stadler, MD; Amber Trivedi, MS; Jamie Pleva, Young Survivor (Webinar, November, 2009)

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials- What's Happening Now
Speaker: Virginia F. Borges, MD, MMSc (C4YW 2013)

Nutrition and Physical Wellness

Searching for Inner Peace
Speaker: Michael Eselun (C4YW 2014)

Endurance Challenges
Speakers: Ishiuan Hargrove, Theresa Huggett, Whitney Milhoan, Susannah Wolf (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT, PDF

Ready, Set, Go: Breaking Old Habits
Speakers: Felice Apolinksy, LCSW Allison Schaffer, LCSW (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT, DOC, PDF

Calling All Foodies
Speakers: Shayna Komar, Nancy Waldeck (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT, PDF

Healthy Eating After Breast Cancer
Speaker: Jennifer Adler, MS, CN (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPT

Meditation for Stress Relief
Speaker: Pasha Hogan, BBS (C4YW 2013)
Files: DOCX 

Healthy Living: Food and Fitness
Speaker: Dr. Ro (C4YW 2011)

Tuning In, Tuning Out: Mind Body Connections
Speaker: Daniela Ellis (C4YW 2011)

Get Moving: Effective Exercises During and After Breast Cancer
Speaker: Sami Papacek (C4YW 2010)

Yoga: Inner Peace, Outer Strength
Speaker: Pasha Hogan, BBS (C4YW 2010)

Emotional Wellness

Survivor’s Guilt - C4YW 2014
Speaker: Julie Larson, LCSW
File: PPT

Surviving Survivorship: Living Life with an Exclamation Point!
Speakers: Rene Bodwitch, Mary Beth Gibson (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT

Speaker: Julie Larson, LCSW (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT

Coping With Your Losses
Speaker: Julie Larson, LCSW (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPTX 

Creating Your Legacy
Speaker: Yvette Colón, PhD, ACSW, BCD (C4YW 2013)

Clearing the Clutter- Mental and Physical Space
Speaker: Carolyn Koehnline, MA (C4YW 2013)
Files: DOCX 

Fear of Recurrence
Speaker: Norma Lee, MA (C4YW 2013)

Plenary Session Three: Nurturing the Spirit
Speaker: Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Esq. (C4YW 2011)

Resigning as General Manager of the Universe: Taking Control of Your Own Health and Life
Speaker: Kim Carlos (C4YW 2010)

Your New Normal: Navigating Your Emotions
Speaker: Julia H. Rowland, PhD (C4YW 2010)

Young Women with Breast Cancer: Living Fully is the Best Revenge
Speaker: Julia H. Rowland, PhD (C4YW 2010)

Journaling: Healing with Words
Speaker: Howard M. Rice (C4YW 2009)

Family, Dating and Relationships

Talking with Children about Cancer
Speaker: Marisa Nowitz (C4YW 2014)
Files: PDF

**Dating, Relating and Living Fully - February, 2012
Speakers: Jennifer Lyman, OB/GYN, Jean Rowe, LCSW, OSW-C

Women Who Partner with Women
Speaker: Ashley Varner, MSW, MBA (C4YW 2010)

Forging Connections, Fortifying Relationships: Dating, Relating and Living Fully
Speakers: Karen Hurley, PhD; Jaclyn Jensen, Stephanie LaRue (Webinar, June, 2010)

Navigating End of Life Issues

Taking Control: Managing End-of-Life Issues
Speaker: Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, BCD, OSW-C (C4YW 2010)

Family Planning and Pregnancy

Family Planning
Speaker: Laxmi Kondapalli (C4YW 2014)
Files: PPT, PDF

Building Your Family After Breast Cancer
Speakers: Joanna L. Fawzy Morales, Esq, Tracy Kalloway, Gina Shaw, H. Irene Su, MD, MSCE (C4YW 2013)

Pregnant with Breast Cancer
Speaker: Jennifer K. Litton (C4YW 2012)

Adoption: Options, Challenges and Successes
Speaker: Allison Rosen, PhD (C4YW 2009)

All of You: Sex, Intimacy and Body Image

Body Image- Breaking Through the Looking Glass
Speaker: Anne Katz, RN, PhD (C4YW 2013)
Files: PPT 

Sex and Intimacy
Speaker: Barbara Musser (C4YW 2013)

Career and Finances: Handling the Details

Working Matters- Employment During and After Breast Cancer
Speaker: Joanna L. Fawzy Morales, Esq (C4YW 2013)
Files: PDF 

Rights in the Workplace
Speaker: S. Beth Stephens, JD (YSC Webinar, January, 2013)

Money Matters: Managing the Financial Impact of Breast Cancer
Speaker: Jane Levy, LCSW-R (C4YW 2010)

Breast Cancer and the Environment

Plenary Session Three: Going Green
Speakers: Nancy Buermeyer, Connie Engel, PhD (C4YW 2013)

Gaining a Better Understanding: Breast Cancer and the Environment
Speaker: Janet Gray, PhD (C4YW 2009)
Online Presentation: Critical Periods of Breast Development

Advocacy, Policy, and Telling Your Story

Living Out Loud: Telling Your Story
Speaker: April Capil (C4YW 2014)
Files: PDF

Plenary Session Two: Taking It To The Streets
Speaker: Susan Matsuko Shinagawa (C4YW 2013)

Advocacy and Inclusion: Coming Together for Good
Speaker: Kimlin Tam Ashing-Giwa, PhD (C4YW 2011)

Young & Empowered: An Advocate's Guide
Speakers: Nancy Buermeyer & Joy Simha (C4YW 2012)

Tweet This! How To Use Social Media To Navigate Your Survivorship, Find Resources, Get Empowerment & Connect With Peers
Speaker: Matthew Zachary (C4YW 2012)

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