Jean Rowe

Jean Rowe

Director of Support & Provider Engagement

Meet Jean

Jean joined YSC in 2011 with a background in clinical oncology social work. She is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified oncology social worker and a certified journal therapist. Her focus includes the crafting, piloting and implementing of supportive and educational programming for young breast cancer survivors, co-survivors and healthcare providers. As a certified journal therapist, Jean crafted an original program addressing re-establishing intimacy after breast cancer as well as continuing education journal writing programs for mental health and nursing professionals regarding compassion fatigue and self-care. She holds a master of social work from the University of Georgia and a bachelor of arts from the University of South Carolina.


Did You Know?

In a movie about my life, I would be played by...

Holly Hunter.

When I'm not working I love to...

work in my garden. It's great therapy and brings instant, beautiful gratification!