Andreas Moriatis

Andreas Moriatis

Operations Associate, Development

Meet Andreas

Andreas joined YSC in 2019 as Operations Associate, Development. He is a fresh graduate of New York University’s Politics program, having worked in nonprofit throughout his time there. With a specific interest in nonprofit management, Andreas hopes to absorb as much information as possible about the nonprofit world and help make a positive difference in his community. Andreas grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey in a Greek-Argentine family who urge him to visit often. In his free time, Andreas enjoys attending concerts, playing guitar, and watching movies.


Did You Know?

Something many people don’t know about me…

I was a professional video gamer in middle school and high school but have since hung up the controller because I couldn’t keep up with the newer generation of gamers!

My favorite thing to do to relax…

Light some candles and play one of my favorite records front to back.