Amanda Nixon

Amanda Nixon

Director of Community Engagement & Empowerment

Meet Amanda

Amanda Nixon leads the virtual community of volunteer networks and global ambassadors by outreaching, engaging, and empowering diverse young adults affected by breast cancer. Amanda knows all too well the challenges of facing breast cancer at a young age. Diagnosed with (stage IIIb) Inflammatory Breast Cancer at age 27, she endured neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, Herceptin® infusions for one year, a mastectomy, additional chemotherapy, radiation, reconstructive surgeries, and lymphedema.

Amanda brings over a decade of cancer-specific nonprofit experience spanning programming, education, philanthropy, and international volunteer management. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a National Breast Cancer Coalition's Project LEAD® graduate.


Did You Know?

My favorite thing to do to relax...

is to light candles, sip tea, and dive into a good book.

Something many people don’t know about me…

I once free-dived with sharks 12 nautical miles off the San Diego coastline.