Noel Romo

Noel Romo

RISE Advocate

Meet Noel

Like many young women, Noel Roma’s breast cancer was discovered after a delayed diagnosis and at a later and more serious stage. She had just relocated to the Boston area with three small children, a new job, and a large tumor that should have been ample evidence for her doctors to diagnose her with breast cancer. After 2 years of treatment, she became a dedicated advocate for others in her situation, especially young survivors. She is a Master’s level scientist and has dedicated her career to the goal of accelerating durable treatments and cures for cancer. She volunteers with patients through Dana Farber’s SoulMate’s program, a unique program to ensure that patients are connected with other patients that have a similar diagnosis and can mentor them through their treatments and living with cancer. She has completed Project Lead Training and attends the National Breast Cancer Coalition Leadership Summit every year. She has a current and through understanding of scientific basis of breast cancer progression and treatment and serves on several grant review committees. She is a member of the Dana Farber Cancer Center Research Advisory Board and a Massachusetts State Leader for Young Survival Coalition. She is funny, passionate, loving and relentless.


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