Marisa Leonardelli

Marisa Leonardelli

RISE Advocate

Meet Marisa

Dr. Marisa Leonardelli was diagnosed with Stage 2a, triple positive breast cancer in October 2017 at the age of 35. She discovered the cancer on her own and did not hesitate to seek follow up with a medical provider. However, many women do not recognize the possibility of being diagnosed with breast cancer at such a young age. Because of this, it has become Marisa’s mission to be a part of the movement to educate young women on the importance of early detection, to advance knowledge medically, to advocate for research, to work toward a cure, and to offer support to those in treatment.

After graduating from medical school, Marisa quickly transitioned into the world of clinical research as a physician investigator. She has nearly a decade of experience running early phase research studies and believes strongly in the importance of advancing medical treatment options. She credits the discovery of immunotherapy for her-2 positive cancers as instrumental in her care and future, and she hopes that other critical drugs like this will continue to be discovered.

Outside of her career and involvement in cancer-related activities, Marisa stays busy with her family, which includes her three children that were ages 7, 5, and 2 at the time of her diagnosis. She enjoys traveling, exercising, reading, and aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle post cancer.


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