Charity Sade

Charity Sade


Meet Charity

Charity Sade is a stand-up comedian, writer, and instructor. She was born and raised in N.W. Indiana, but has called Washington, D.C. her home since 2011.

Charity has always used humor to get through difficult moments in her life, including her diagnosis of stage 3C Inflammatory Breast Cancer and BRCA2 in 2013, at the age of 27. However, she didn’t begin trying her hand at stand-up until 2017. On stage, she takes her difficult life experiences and turns them into relatable, humorous tales. It was during those times on stage that she realized how cathartic it is to share her story and connect with others through laughter. This is what led Charity to found Coping Through Comedy in 2018.

Charity is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Coping Through Comedy; where she works with people that have been affected by cancer, or other traumas, on how to stand-up comedy, comedic storytelling, and comedy writing as a healthy coping mechanism.

In addition to her involvement within the comedy and cancer communities; Charity loves to read, cook, travel, and attend concerts!


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