Sherri Waldvogel

Sherri Waldvogel

RISE Advocate

Meet Sherri

Sherri was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 39. She not only had cancer in both breasts, but each was different. She had both triple negative and Her2+ cancers. Sherri had a bilateral mastectomy with sentinel node dissection, luckily there wasn't any node involvement. Chemo and Herceptin followed, as well as reconstruction after she was done with treatment.

Since her diagnosis, treatment and recovery she has been involved in many different organizations supporting women affected by breast cancer including YSC, NBCC and Imerman's Angels. She had her first taste of advocacy when she traveled to Washington DC to lobby on Capitol Hill. Sherri’s twin daughters were 9 when she was diagnosed and are now in their first year of college. She is committed to doing what she can to stop our daughters, mothers, and sisters from having to go through what we have. I am thrilled to be part of the YSC RISE program.


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