Michele Hille

Michele Hille

RISE Advocate

Meet Michele

Michele Hille is going on two years as a young survivor. She lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and two wonderful dogs, Verner and McKinley. In 2014, at 40 years old, she was diagnosed with ER/PR positive invasive ductal carcinoma in her right breast. Her treatment plan included surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy and she also developed lymphedema. Besides her family, YSC was the single most important resource through her diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

RISE perfectly aligns with her background and all that she wants to do to support young women. Michele holds a BS in biology, an MS in education, and was certified to teach secondary math and science. Her first job out of college was coordinating NIMH sponsored research and currently, she works in the pharmaceutical field as a District Sales Manager. These experiences give her a strong foundation of science knowledge, research, healthcare, physician perspectives, and leadership skills to help the inaugural RISE group achieve great things.


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