Christopher Kelley

Christopher Kelley


Meet Christopher

Christopher is an engineer, recreational cyclist and husband to Rachel, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

Christopher and Rachel found out about YSC in 2011 after Christopher rode in a charity bike ride for diabetes and decided to find one for breast cancer. Finding Tour de Pink too late to train or raise money in 2011, Christopher rode his first Tour de Pink in 2012, and Rachel joined him on the back of their tandem in 2013.

The warm welcome from the YSC family, in particular Lisa Frank, at Christopher’s first Tour de Pink was a strong motivator for Christopher and Rachel to become more involved with YSC. Having spent 6+ years with a minimal support system, finding YSC provided stark realization of how valuable an organization like YSC is to both survivor and co-survivor. As a co-survivor for over a decade, Christopher understands the needs that co-survivors have for their own support system and the importance of a healthy co-survivor during this journey.

Christopher and Rachel live in Orange County, California, where they enjoy good cycling weather essentially year-round.


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