YSC Goes to the White House

September 18, 2002

YSC Goes to the White House

NEW YORK CITY, OO - (September 18, 2002)

YSC President, Cynthia Rubin, meets with President George Bush to discuss Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Cynthia Rubin, YSC President, along with YSC members from Washington, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Boston and Pennsylvania travelled to the White House to hear a Presidential briefing on cancer early detection and screening and the increased funding for cancer research by $629 million. Lance Armstrong also spoke on the importance of making the war against cancer a priority for the current administration.

The President spoke to a group of 200 including members from national cancer advocacy groups, members of the United States Congress, Andy Von Eschenbach, the Director of the National Cancer Insititute, Elias Zerhouni, the Director of the National Institutues of Health, Rich Carmona, the Surgeon General, and Ann Veneman, the Secretary of Agriculture, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rubin took the stage along side the President, Lance Armstrong, and cancer survivors Paige Brown, Trischa Goldman, Jamal Rasheed and Matthew Skowronski, all representing their respective cancer advocacy groups.

"It was a tremendous experience for myself and for the YSC to be at the White House for this important briefing," states Rubin. "I am honored to have had a few minutes with the President to tell him about the work of the YSC and the many young women 40 and under diagnosed with breast cancer, and as well to have been a source of support for his Secretary of Agriculture."

For more information on the YSC's visit to the White House, e-mail publicrelations@youngsurvival.org or visit http://whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/09/20020918-5.html