The Young Survival Coalition Names First Honoree of the Lisa Muccilo Award for Excellence in Volunteering

March 19, 2004

The Young Survival Coalition Names First Honoree of the Lisa Muccilo Award for Excellence in Volunteering

New York, NY - (March 19, 2004)

The Young Survival Coalition (YSC), the only international network of breast cancer survivors and supporters dedicated to the critical concerns and issues unique to young women and breast cancer (, recently awarded the first annual Lisa Muccilo Award for Excellence in Volunteering to Lise Muccilo of New Jersey. The award is given in honor of Lisa Marie Muccilo, YSC Board Member, Outreach and Education Committee Co-chair, leader of the YSC's programmatic efforts in New Jersey and a tireless volunteer who passed away on August 18, 2003.

Lise Muccilo, the YSC's first honoree who was nominated by YSC members, is the sister-in-law of Lisa Muccilo, for whom the award is named. Lise works tirelessly for the Young Survival Coalition, and although a working mother with two small boys, she is now managing the YSC's New Jersey local group which Lisa began. Lise Muccilo is also chairing the 2004 YSC "In Living Pink" fundraiser in New Jersey which is expected to be the most successful event of its history.

The award exemplifies the passion of Lisa who was a continual inspiration to the many young women living with advanced breast cancer. Compassionate, fearless, dedicated and completely selfless, she helped form a YSC affiliate in New Jersey; forged countless relationships with other breast cancer organizations in her local community and spoke to corporations, students and other survivors about her life with breast cancer. This award and the selection of the recipient embodies Lisa's values, beliefs and feelings and the significant impact individuals can make in their communities and in the lives of others.

"We are so proud to have selected Lise as the first recipient of the Lisa Muccilo Award for Excellence in Volunteering," commented YSC President Randi Rosenberg. "As Lisa's best friend, Lise is intimately involved in the work of the YSC, and carrying on is Lisa's name was not an easy choice. She dedicates countless hours and efforts to our cause and exemplifies the traits of dedication and compassion. Lise is most deserving of this award and makes a real difference in the lives of young women."

The YSC recognizes the work of all of its volunteers as they provide a valuable service to the community and define the YSC on all levels. This annual award will underscore to the YSC volunteer community the significant accomplishments that can be attained when a volunteer acts with conviction and passion to advance the growth of the organization and the well-being of other young women affected by breast cancer.

Lise Muccilo was honored at the 2004 Young Survivors Conference held in Philadelphia in February.

The award has been generously underwritten by Roche Pharmaceuticals.