Virtual Hangouts for Young Adults Affected by Breast Cancer

YSC Virtual Hangouts allow you to connect with others from the comfort of your own home. Grow relationships with your peers who may share similar diagnoses, life experiences or treatment types. To participate, you will need to have a computer, tablet or phone with a webcam and internet/data connection. If you are not able to connect with video, you can join by phone only.

Register for a Virtual Hangout

Join YSC’s Virtual Hangouts to share experiences, information and resources with others affected by breast cancer. New to Zoom? Check out this tutorial.

F2F Virtual Hangout

Meets second Wednesday of the month at 9PM ET | 8PM CT | 6PM PT

  • Come one, come all! This general Virtual Hangout is meant to replicate our in-person Face2Face support networks. Each meeting is topic-driven by a peer lead and open to any person diagnosed with breast cancer age 40 and under.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Metastatic Thrivers

Meets first Monday of the month at 9PM ET | 8PM CT | 6PM PT

  • YSC's Virtual Hangout is a space to connect with others living with metastatic breast cancer. Ask questions, share articles and talk with other who just get it. This group is only open to those who are managing stage IV breast cancer. The group meets by Zoom and is facilitated by Krista Nelson.

YSC Virtual Hangout for African American Young Breast Cancer Survivors

Meets last Thursday of the month at 7PM ET | 6PM CT | 4PM PT

  • YSC has partnered with For the Breast of Us and TOUCH, the Black Breast Cancer Alliance to host a virtual hangout exclusively for our African-American young breast cancer survivors to meet with their peers. This group is peer-led by Beth Goodman and Marissa Thomas. Please note: as of July 2021, this group meets on the last Thursday of each month.

YSC Virtual Hangout for LGBTQ+ Survivors

Meets second Sunday of the month at 7PM ET | 6PM CT | 4PM PT

  • This YSC Virtual Hangout is a space for LGBTQ+ survivors to connect, meet new friends and connect with others who face similar experiences in their breast cancer journey. We welcome fierce advocates to shy listeners and everything in-between. Peer-moderated by YSC community members Amy Reichbach and Dulce Santiago. 

Flatties Quarterly Virtual Hangout

Meets quarterly on the fourth Monday of August, November, February and May at 8PM ET | 7PM CT | 6PM PT

  • YSC has partnered with Flat Closure Now to host a virtual hangout exclusively for those with aesthetic flat closure and young adults considering “going flat” following mastectomy. This group is peer-led and seasoned flatties will be in attendance to provide support and resources. 

YSC Virtual Hangout for Male Co-Survivors

Meets last Tuesday of the month at 9PM ET | 8PM CT | 6PM PT 

  • Sometimes you just need to hear what it's like for other people. In this YSC Virtual Hangout, you can meet other guys supporting the survivors they love, just like you. For male co-survivors only. This group is facilitated by Ian MacKay & Sy Bryant.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Mother Co-Survivors

Meets third Thursday of the month at 3PM ET | 2PM CT | 12PM PT

  • Moms who care for their young adults diagnosed with breast cancer manage a delicate terrain of respecting boundaries. Come join moms to share in a confidential space with other who understand what it is like for your child to be living with breast cancer. This group is peer led by Melissa Bonsall and Andrea Johnson.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Healthcare Provider Survivors

Meets last Sunday of the month at 5PM ET | 4PM CT | 2PM PT

  • Young Breast Cancer Survivors who are also Healthcare Providers - YSC has an online group for you! These roles can bring about some specific and important feelings. Come together with others familiar to wearing these two hats and share a safe place. The groups meet by Zoom and are facilitated by Erin Price.