YSC Virtual Hangouts

Virtual Hangouts for Young Adults Affected by Breast Cancer

YSC Virtual Hangouts

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Join YSC’s Virtual Hangouts to share experiences, information and resources with others affected by breast cancer.

YSC Virtual Hangouts allow you to connect with others from the comfort of your own home. Grow relationships with your peers who may share similar diagnoses, life experiences or treatment types. To participate, you will need to have a computer, tablet or phone with a webcam and internet/data connection. If you are not able to connect with video, you can join by phone only. New to Zoom? Check out this tutorial.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Metastatic Thrivers

Join YSC’s Virtual Hangout for Metastatic Thrivers to talk with other metastatic young adults, ask questions, share your experience and make connections. This group is open only to young breast cancer thrivers who are managing stage IV breast cancer. The group is facilitated by Krista Nelson.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Healthcare Provider Survivors

Young breast cancer survivors who are also healthcare providers - YSC has an online group for you! Come together with others familiar to wearing these two hats and share in a safe space. The group is facilitated by Erin Price.

YSC Virtual Hangout for Male Co-Survivors

Sometimes you just need to hear what it's like for other people. In this YSC Virtual Hangout, you can meet other guys supporting the survivors they love, just like you. For male co-survivors only. The group is facilitated by Barnaby Cook and Ryan Cassidy.