Donate Stock

Give Support, Save on Taxes

You don’t have to give cash to help fund YSC’s support for young women—you can also give stocks or other appreciated securities like mutual funds. These donations help us create the same programs for young women facing breast cancer but may give you additional financial benefits:

  • Taxes:Stocks that have increased in value may give you a bigger deduction without raising your capital gains taxes:
    • If you donate stock that you have owned for more than a year and that has increased in value, you won’t pay capital gains tax on the increased value.
    • However, your charitable income tax deduction would still increase—it equals the stock’s fair market value at the time of your gift. See below for additional details.
  • Fees: You may avoid brokerage fees since you are transferring ownership instead of selling the stock.
  • Please ask your tax or financial advisor for more information on tax benefits.

How To Give Stock

Your financial advisor can tell you how to give stocks or mutual funds to YSC using electronic transfer. For information regarding YSC, please write to us at, call at 646.257.3000 or write to:

Young Survival Coalition
Attention: Development Department
80 Broad Street, Suite 1700
New York, NY 10004

Other Details

  • The tax-deductible value of your gift is the average share price on the date of your gift multiplied by the number of shares you give.
  • YSC liquidates all donated securities as soon as possible.
  • The date of your gift is the date when YSC’s account receives your electronic transfer.