Get Well Your Way: Treatment Decisions

As you make treatment decisions, you’ll receive a lot of new information about your diagnosis and options. You might feel overwhelmed but, just like thousands of women at YSC, you have the strength and support to make smart decisions. You should feel empowered to ask questions, gather information on your own, seek second and even third opinions and advocate for yourself and what matters to you.

You Have Options

There is no single way to treat breast cancer—it is not one disease. You and your healthcare team have many options, and even the leading experts may not treat the same breast cancer in the same way. Use these options to your advantage. It gives you the power to work with your doctor and choose a treatment that fits you as an individual.

Working with an excellent team of specialists, you should devise a treatment plan that accounts for your specific breast cancer, priorities, quality-of-life goals and health status. When offered a treatment recommendation, ask your doctor what information he or she used to make the decision. Ask if hard evidence shows that this treatment works in your situation.

Help Research, Help Yourself

Be sure to ask your doctor if you might be eligible for any clinical trials. These studies can expand your treatment options to include the newest advances. They also help all young women by improving knowledge about breast cancer and helping doctors develop new treatments.