Understanding Treatment

You have a lot of information to learn, big decisions to make and many challenges to face as you begin your breast-cancer treatment. Know that the young women of YSC have been there, and will be here to support you. You have the ability to make the right decisions and master the information that matters to you and your health.

Your Path to Better Health

Use these pages to introduce yourself to the most important subjects in treatment and better prepare yourself for getting better. For more help as you face your diagnosis, please take advantage of our Newly Diagnosed Treatment Navigator.

Treatment Basics

Doctors generally base treatment decisions on the size of your tumor and the type of breast cancer you have. Read more about breast cancer types and receptor-status types here. Give yourself the confidence that comes from understanding: talk with your oncologist about your treatment options. Remember to discuss potential side effects as well as options for managing them.

You should also visit our clinical trials section and discuss potential clinical trials with your doctor.

More Information

For more in-depth information, read about the important treatment topics below: