Handling the Details

Practical Concerns and Cancer

A cancer diagnosis brings a host of new challenges—including many practical matters in your daily life. Whether you were recently diagnosed or began fighting your cancer years ago, keeping track of terminology, daily schedules, changes in insurance policies, deadlines and details can sometimes seem overwhelming. By taking advantage of the right resources and tips, however, you can take control of this part of your healthcare, too.

These pages provide you with tools and advice to help you take better control of your practical concerns.


YSC has several resources to help young women manage the practical matters of life while facing cancer.

  • Order a copy of our ResourceLink Guidebook to find the right resources for you. You can also access the ResourceLink program by phone (1-877-YSC-1011) or email resourcelink@youngsurvival.org for immediate answers about resources you need.
  • If you’ve been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, you can keep track of documents, appointments and other information with our Newly Diagnosed Treatment Navigator.
  • If you’re facing the challenges of metastatic breast cancer, our Mets Navigator offers information and resources specifically for you, including organization tools to help keep track of your treatment.


Find more information on some common practical challenges on these pages: