Healthcare Professionals

YSC and its constituents want to partner with healthcare providers, to give young women facing breast cancer the care and support they deserve. YSC staff can serve as a valuable resource for you and your patients. Whether you need resources, information, or a collaborative partner for patient connections, the YSC staff can help.

Resources To Help You Learn

We know your time is precious, so we invite you to utilize these presentations by clinical or research leaders from our educational audio files at your convenience. These valuable recordings come from educational sessions at our annual conferences, teleconferences or read some of our many survivor stories to learn—directly from young women themselves—about the experience of diagnosis at a young age.

YSC also offers free online and in-person CEU opportunities. Contact Michelle Esser for more information.  

Stay Current on Research

You can easily view the clinical trials that your patients might join using our RSS feeds from NCI. These feeds present clinical trials specific to young women and breast cancer, metastatic breast cancer and current breast cancer news.

Our Research Agenda sets forth YSC’s research priorities to help and guide scientists to better serve young women affected by breast cancer. YSC strives to work with the medical-research community to identify why young women get breast cancer, why it is more aggressive and how we can encourage additional research for young women.

To ensure the medical and research communities see the young face of breast cancer, YSC regularly attends local, national and international conferences and symposia. There, we present our Research Agenda Development and Pilot Registry posters. We also send our passionate young women to national and international oncology professional meetings so we know about the most up-to-date science, can network with the research and care communities and make sure these professionals know they can reach out to YSC as a resource. If you attend ASCO, AOSW, ONS, SABCS or other professional oncology meetings look for YSC.

We support meaningful research initiatives including LIVESTRONG’s Young Adult Alliance, the Love/Avon Army of Women, the Breast Cancer M.A.P (Mind Affects the Physical) and the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. We hope YSC can influence and increase the amount of research relevant to our population. To make that happen, we motivate young women to participate in clinical trials and research whenever possible.

Educational Materials

Our publications give you priceless insight into the issues young women face so that, together, we can provide a circle of support for this underserved community.

The YSC Intro Kit was designed just for healthcare providers. It makes it easy for providers to introduce patients to YSC programs and resources, including the Navigator series. The Intro Kit comes in a compact, easily stored box with a program brochure, notepad, pen and magnet. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to order Intro Kits for your office, please contact your Regional Field Manager.

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