Understanding Breast Cancer

A breast-cancer diagnosis can come with a lot of new information. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed — but YSC believes understanding can make us all stronger. We hope these pages help you learn about breast cancer at your own pace — so you can feel more confident and in control of your health. Together, we can better understand and fight breast cancer.

Cancer Basics

Cancer occurs when some of the body’s cells behave abnormally — changing, growing and reproducing more than they should. In breast cancer, this abnormal growth begins in cells in the breast tissue. Breast cancer actually includes a group of cancers that start in different parts of the breasts. Doctors call these various types of cancers different carcinomas.

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More Information

Check out YSC’s Breast Health and You guide for more information on breast cancer in young women, risk factors, family history and how to lead your healthiest life.

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