Will chemotherapy affect my fertility?

The threat of fertility loss is a daunting side effect of chemotherapy, especially for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. The nature of the treatment, which is designed to attack and kill cells, can inadvertently affect a woman's eggs and throw the patient into early menopause. Since younger women have more eggs, they are less likely to be thrown into premature menopause. However, fertility will be affected differently by different chemotherapy regimens, so it is important that you discuss with your doctor the importance of fertility when choosing a treatment. Many doctors are used to treating older women for whom fertility is not a major concern. There is a lack of research available as to the links between chemotherapy and young women's fertility so you should try a keep up to date for any new developments in the field. For more information on fertility you can visit Fertile Hope or browse through current research on our website's Published Research section. Other Sources: ASCO Guidlines for Fertility Preservation.