Where can I communicate with someone who has metastatic breast cancer or who is knowledgeable about metastatic disease?

  • The YSC MetsLink program is designed to provide information, resources and support for young women with metastatic breast cancer.  
  • The YSC SurvivorLink program will match young women with others who have been through a similar situation. Contact ResourceLink at 877.YSC.1011 or resourcelink@youngsurvival.org for a referral to a trained SurvivorLink volunteer.
  • You can meet and talk with other young women about metastatic disease on the YSC bulletin board, or read Survivor Stories from women living with metastatic disease on our website.
  • The Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization has a 24-hour hotline you can call for services and support: 1.800.211.2141
  • Advanced Breast Cancer Community is a website dedicated to information and support for women facing advanced breast cancer.
  • BCMets.org has an advanced breast cancer list serve for women of all ages, though many young women are represented on the list.
  • MBCN is a national independent advocacy group of and for people with metastatic breast cancer. Their intent is to give metastatic breast cancer patients a greater voice in the breast cancer community.
Metastatic Disease