Should I join a support group?

It is normal to have trouble dealing with your diagnosis and treatment. Many women find talking face-to-face with a group of other women who are living with breast cancer helps. Support groups are not for everyone, so you need to try different things to determine what is helpful to you. Some young women find that going to a support group where everyone is significantly older is isolating. Some areas have support groups specifically for young women, but many do not. Fortunately, there are other options to reach other young women living with breast cancer besides local support groups. You may meet them online on a bulletin board, such as the ones in the YSC Community. Discussion rooms allow you to find other young women to e-mail or speak with on the phone. Ask your hospital social worker if he or she knows of groups in your area or other young women who wish to talk with others. For in person groups visit YSC F2F page to find out if there is a YSC Face 2 Face support group near you.

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