How do my doctors monitor me after I'm done with treatment?

Once you are finished with your treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), you will continue to have regular check ups with your doctors. You will see one of your doctors -- surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist -- every 8-10 weeks to receive a physical exam as well as a blood test. These exams will become less frequent as time goes on. You will have an annual mammogram (and possibly sonogram), and you may have annual bone scans and/or chest x-rays. It is important that even beyond five years after diagnosis you continue your relationship with your healthcare team and continue follow-up visits although perhaps less frequently.

Your gynecological exams will be more comprehensive, as anyone who has survived breast cancer is now at slightly higher risk for other female gynecological cancers. Discuss with your gynecologist options for more comprehensive monitoring. This might mean more frequent visits or even vaginal sonograms on an annual basis.

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