How do I find the best doctors for me?

Choose an NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center or a large teaching/university hospital. Ask everyone you know – doctors, family, friends, co-workers – even if you think they've never known anyone with breast cancer. Talk to other survivors and call breast cancer organizations to get referrals. You will hear certain names over and over. Those are the doctors you want to consult. Remember that treatment for breast cancer is a process and you will have many decisions to make along the way, so you need to find a doctor whose judgment you trust. Positive attributes to look for in a doctor can be:

  • compassion and empathy
  • honesty and straightforwardness - someone who is informative but not patronizing
  • consideration of your needs as a whole human being, not just the cancer tumor
  • knowledge of the latest advances in breast cancer treatments
  • openness to second opinions on care and your feelings about treatment options
  • accessibility (someone who could be paged or called 24 hours a day)
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