Mandy Diagnosed at 36

"As a young woman, mother, and wife being faced with this disease I honestly thought I would never be the same. And I'm not, and that's okay."

I was diagnosed on 4-9-14 at the age of 36 with Her2+ ER+ PR+ IDC Stage 1A breast cancer.

I underwent a unilateral mastectomy of the right breast on 5/6/14 where I learned the tumor invaded my chest wall. I began chemo, TCH, on 6/18/14. I did 6 rounds of TCH, then an additional12 rounds of Herceptin, and 28 rounds of radiation. I experienced little side effects from both. On 7/16/15 I had my reconstruction. I decided to use memory gel silicone for my implants.

As a young woman, mother, and wife facing this disease, I honestly thought I would never be the same. And I'm not, and that's okay. I learned a lot from facing this. I learned how to be so strong even when all I wanted to do was quit. I learned that my kids are always watching me and I need to prove to them that their mama is no quitter. I had to learn how to do everything all over again, from brushing my hair to feeding myself to bathing. It was a task, but I did it. Physically I will never be the girl I was before breast cancer. She no longer exists. In her place is a warrior. A badass woman who didn't back down from what tried it's damndest to kill her.

I am now almost 3 years out from my diagnosis, and I am strong. I am fierce. I am sexy! And any woman or man who is facing this or fighting this will be, too!

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