Jennifer Diagnosed at 31

"The nurses told me that I have some of the best angels that helped me find this cancer so early. Most women don't detect IBC until stage 4."

August 28, 2018 is the day that changed my life. It was the day I was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. That day was filled with tears and fear. I was scared of the long road ahead, unsure and terrified of where I could possibly have cancer. Did it spread? How could this happen at 31? I had so many questions, so many fears. As my doctor was talking to me, she looked at me and said “you can beat this.” From that moment I knew the battle was on. I knew my only option was to kick the crap outta cancer.

So we talked about my journey in a big overview. The surgeon said I would start with chemo, have several surgeries, radiation, and at minimum a solid year of treatment. But before chemo there was a lot of testing ahead of me. The surgeon told me to breathe, take it day by day and that the first two weeks would be very overwhelming. Since IBC is so aggressive, my doctor said things will go very fast and chemo would start in three weeks. Three weeks?? That felt like forever considering IBC is so aggressive. The surgeon reassured me that I will be OK and before I know it I would be in treatment.

September 14, 2018 is the day I was cleared of not showing any signs of further mastasis. Cancer was found in my left axila and left breast with severe swelling which further confirmed my diagnosis of IBC. The MRI of my chest did require two more biopsies in my right breast, but came back with no cancer, and no cancer in my right axila. At that moment I knew I was curable and I was falling into “best case scenario” and the possibility of being cancer free was a real possibility. The nurses told me that I have some of the best angels that helped me find this cancer so early. Most women don’t detect IBC until stage 4 - which currently has no cure. Once testing was done, time had come to fight like hell, and I wouldn't let anything get in my way!

I cleared pathology after having two surgeries and am currently cancer free. My journey is still on-going, but my outcome has gone from 30% survival to 85% and my cancer wasn’t as aggressive as they thought it was stage two, but still a three with IBC. I consider myself blessed and lucky and I feel that I am here to show others this mountain can be moved!

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