Angela Diagnosed at 25

"I thank God, Praise Jesus that I'm alive and well."

My name is Angela. I live in Kenya but I'm Rwandese. I found a lump in my right breast in the shower and thought, "Hmmm?". I kept feeling it for a couple of days before finally telling my mum. We went to the doctor and the decision was to go straight to surgery. The lump was taken out and we were told it was cancerous.

I didn't start treatment immediately. We (mum and me) visited a couple of doctors. Then we prayed.Then we visited more doctors.Then we prayed some more. Eventually I went to India for radiation. They found it had spread to my lymph nodes, so I had surgery again and my first cycle of chemo.

Then we went back to Nairobi for remaining chemo. Friends from church would stop by now and again and they were fabulous. My mum would sleep in my room after chemo to make sure I was drinking enough water.Then we went back to India for more radiation. After radiation, I have had regular mammos and other tests and I am ALL GOOD. I thank God, Praise Jesus that I'm alive and well.

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