Sabreen Diagnosed at 30

"As of September 2020 I have been cancer free since March 2020. I have hormone therapy left for five years. It's okay. I will do it. I will make it. You will make it too."

It all started in May of 2019. There was an annual exam I put off for quite some time. I thought to myself, I need to go ahead and make an appointment. I finally went in for my exam. All was well until my doctor checked my breasts. She found a lump. "Did you ever feel this lump before?" she asked me. "No. Should I be worried?" "No no. I will send you to another place to get it checked out." I went on with my day, but I was a little worried. Did not think much of what she said. I told my mother about it, and she said no way, it cannot be anything serious. A few times I did feel a bit sore on the side of my breast bone. Again, I did not think anything of it.

I never made an appointment at that time. I did not have insurance or medicaid. Luckily, a lady from a non-profit clinic called me to make an appointment. I said to her “I am sorry ma'am, but I do not have $500 to make an appointment for a mammogram.” I got my information wrong. The lady told me "it is free!" Well, in that case, I went ahead and made the appointment.

Summertime was approaching, and my kids were getting out of school. I made plans to go visit my family in Virginia. I booked my tickets for three weeks. Beforehand, I made sure to get my mammogram. Stepping into the doctor's office I do not see anyone my age. The nurse calls my name to get a mammogram, and I am in high spirits. "You wait outside, and the doctor will see if we need any more pictures from you." They called my name back. Now I am having an ultrasound done. The nurses are taking multiple pictures. They move the ultrasound stick inch by inch. The nurses call the doctor in. "I need you to come back to get a biopsy." I asked why?! I told the doctor I already booked tickets to see my family. The doctor nervously said to cancel my tickets, or to do a biopsy in Virginia. "Doctor, can you at least tell me if it is cancerous or not?!" "No, not until the biopsy."

My heart sunk. It is a feeling I do not want to have. It was hard to breathe. The room was caving in. I walk over to another lady to make an appointment for the biopsy. "When would you like to make it? Is July 3 okay?" I choked up then started crying. I am in total shock. The poor lady tried to comfort me. I stuttered and said that date was fine. I am walking into a dark parking lot, sitting in my car, and called my husband right away. I told him what was wrong, and he tried to console me. He tells me it will be okay. Everything will be alright. What a sweetheart.

Fast forward to my biopsy, they confirmed after a couple of weeks, it is breast cancer. Then I get tests done. Many, many tests. After my consultation with an oncologist, they diagnosed me with stage 2b breast cancer without a gene mutation. I was scheduled for 6 months of chemotherapy. One month A.C. chemo, the next is Taxol. Then a single mastectomy in March of 2020, and 33 rounds of radiation in June 2020. Throughout my breast cancer journey I relied on God and kept a positive outlook. That is what helped me the most. How can I worry if my life is in God’s hands? Whatever He has planned for me it is for The Best. I thank God for everything. As of September 2020 I have been cancer free since March 2020. I have hormone therapy left for five years. It’s okay. I will do it. I will make it. You will make it too.

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