Michelle Klein Tubbs 1976 - 2016

"Michelle is my baby sister, best friend, and hero."

She started the YSC in Detroit, MI. and has touched the lives of so many. Michelle is my person-the one I reach out to when I am excited about something and when I need advice. I still talk to her all the time-it's not the same, but I know she hears me... We lost our beloved Michelle at the young age of 40. She accomplished so much in her short time on earth. She leaves her children, Connor and Charlotte, and her husband, Brian, her parents, Art and Alice, and her sisters, Debbie, Barbara, and Darlene (me). I can't wait to see her again- I know she will greet me with open arms. We love you, Michelleee! :)

Tribute by: Darlene K.

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