Ishiuan Hargrove 1973 - 2016

"When I told her she'd she'd always be with us. She smiled and said "I'll be riding in the clouds on top of you guys.""

My heart is breaking as I write this, my dear friend & co-captain of Tour de Pink Team I RIDE 4 HER Ishiuan passed away peacefully in March 2016 at her "Utopia" aka her home. The impact she had on those around her was legendary. Ishiuan was a force of nature and I can't really put to words how much she will be missed. Some will say "She lost her battle with breast cancer." I won't. If you knew Ishiuan, you know she didn't lose anything. She won. She won with every extra day/week/month/year she got to spend with Adam and her boys. She won every time she got on that bike that she loved so much and she rode 200 miles in the YSC Tour de Pink East Coast and then went back to Florida and chemo. She won when she went to New York City for brain surgery and instead of taking cab she rode a Citibike to the hospital. She didn't lose a battle. She went to war and she beat the hell out of cancer with the spirit of a warrior who would never quit. She beat cancer by living her life to the fullest every day, inspiring those around her and advocating in Washington and nationally for other young metastatic women. She beat cancer by not letting it dictate what she could or couldn't do or achieve. She beat cancer by living life on her terms. I got to spend a few hours with her the week that she passed and it was a blessing and a gift to be able to share that time with her. We talked about the beginning of our little team of riders and what it had become and how it would grow. She asked me to ride in her place in the upcoming TdP South ride and generally gave me a homework list of things she wanted me to do. If you knew her you know this isn't surprising. She was also still ever the advocate. "This is the reality of breast cancer, Pablo. I'm doing this for Erin and Dalia" she said, after we posted a picture to facebook. When I told her she'd she'd always be with us. She smiled and said "I'll be riding in the clouds on top of you guys." I've never met anyone more focused or determined to live life on her terms and be an advocate for others and agent for change. I miss you "Itchy One". You made me a better person. You didn't lose anything. You won.

Tribute by: Pablo C.

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