Heidi Weston 1975 - 2017

"She never asked "why me?", but rather "why not me?"."

Heidi was a young mother of 3 little girls. She was a relaxed parent that knew how to embrace the chaos of life. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she waved our worries away and she put up a fight. She had a double mastectomy and went through chemo. She was cancer-free for about 10 months. Then she was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic cancer. It had moved to her spine. Again, she waved our worries away and began a gut-wrenching, stubborn fight against her horrible disease. During her fight, she had the sword of Eowyn (from Lord of the Rings, and also the name of her youngest daughter) tattooed on her arm. Below it read "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still." From Exodus 14:14. She was the embodiment of that verse. Truly. As she lost the use of her legs and arms quickly, she was forced to be still. But from that stillness rose a great warrior. She loved to laugh. As my sister, she taught me to be a woman of faith and strength, through her own example. Even with terminal cancer, she embraced her fate, and even spoke at church to encourage other young women to trust in God. She never asked "why me?", but rather "why not me?". She never cursed God for her short life, but rather, was so grateful for the time she had. And although she didn't understand why she wasn't able to raise her 3 little girls, she trusted God. Daily, she trusted Him.

Tribute by: Amy S

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