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“Why did my body need to scream at me this way? How could I make things right in my...”


“I was nervous to tell people as I was embarrassed but then my neighbors told me that...”


“The thing that has given me the most hope, the most fortitude in my most challenging...”


“My hope is to shed light on the issues faced by young women, young marriages, and...”


“Cancer taught me so much. I know now that I am strong and a fighter. I had cancer....”


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COVID-19 & Cancer: Managing Fear Image

COVID-19 & Cancer: Managing Fear

These are scary, difficult times. But you’ve been through difficult times before. For years I’ve helped people manage anxiety about cancer. And today I’m here to say you’ve got this.

Long-Term Cancer Survivorship Island Image

Long-Term Cancer Survivorship Island

Why is long-term cancer survivorship so difficult? And how come nobody wants to talk about it? Maybe because it feels like living on an island somewhere between where the oceans of fear and gratefulness collide.

Living Young and Metastatic Image

Living Young and Metastatic

One of the most difficult parts of living with metastatic breast cancer in my thirties has been the challenge of explaining my symptoms and side effects. I don’t always fully understand them myself.

Tour de Pink: Why I Ride Image

Tour de Pink: Why I Ride

There are so many great stories about why our riders do this ride each year. Here are just a few that we'd like to share with you.

What’s the Deal with Chemo (Brain) Drain? Image

What’s the Deal with Chemo (Brain) Drain?

Chemobrain is a term often used to describe cognitive changes due to cancer treatment that significantly interfere with an individual’s quality of life. Summit speaker Natalie Kelly, PhD helps us understand more.


young women affected by breast cancer were supported by YSC in the past year. 100% of your donation helps us ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone.

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