Research Agenda

  • It is time to change the conversation about young women and breast cancer.

  • It is time to acknowledge that we have only made incremental strides toward understanding the environmental (internal and external) factors that cause breast cancer in young women, and to do something about it.

  • It is time to identify the right questions and the right people to answer them, so young women stop dying from this disease.

  • It is time to focus the attention and work of the medical and research community to ensure that young women are not being forgotten in the war against breast cancer. 

The YSC Research Think Tank will improve the quantity and quality of life for all young women with breast cancer, by focusing the research community on the right areas to make real change.

YSC wants to drive real change in a smart and systematic way through refocusing the research community on the tough questions that will ultimately improve the quality and quantity of life of young women with breast cancer.

In 2001, YSC organized the first medical research symposium focused on young women with breast cancer, the “Medical Research Symposium on Young Women and Breast Cancer.” It was small, but it was powerful, representing all of the major cancer disciplines. 

As a result of that meeting, for the first time, the medical community was able to clearly see the existing information gaps and refocus their expertise on this critical population. 

At the conclusion of this project, YSC and the research community will be able to focus their work on prioritized research and how to best improve the quality and quantity of life for young women affected by breast cancer. 


Working together, we will change the face of breast cancer and make a significant positive and sustainable impact in the lives of young women facing this disease.


Check out the video of the Research Think Tank meeting held in Washington DC.