Newly Diagnosed Navigator – Created to educate and empower newly diagnosed young women, the Treatment Navigator includes an easy-to-understand breast cancer glossary, questions to ask healthcare teams and inspiring messages from young women who’ve been down this road. 

Post-Treatment Navigator – This is a comprehensive guidebook to manage the post-treatment phase, including a survivorship care plan for young women diagnosed with breast cancer to use with their healthcare team. This guide offers practical tips on managing sex and intimacy concerns, family planning options and long-term side effects like chemo brain and lymphedema.

Long-Term Navigator – Coming soon! Developed specifically for young women with a history of breast cancer, this resource includes tips and information on how to manage long-term side effects and move forward with life after diagnosis and treatment.

Metastatic Navigator – A Young Woman’s Guide To Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer promotes a greater understanding of living with stage IV breast cancer. It includes various treatment options, advice on working with healthcare teams, along with forms and tools to help you stay organized.

ResourceLink - Third edition is coming soon! A print guidebook and a searchable online tool that includes hundreds of national and local resources.


YSC Online Community Boards - provide a forum for thousands of YBCS and their supporters is the largest online bulletin board for YBCS that exists. Participants share experiences and information 24/7 on their desktops, tablets or smart phones. 

FACE 2 FACE Networking Groups (F2F) – These peer-led networking groups bring together survivors in local communities. Groups can be based on location, similar diagnosis, interests or even age.Young women can register to start a local group using the tools and resources created by YSC. 

SurvivorLink - connects YBCS with a peer volunteer who shares a similar diagnosis, similar life experiences or concerns.


The National Summit– A large international event for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their co-survivors. It is a three-day meeting that features general sessions with inspirational and medical speakers, informational and psychosocial workshops and special wellness activities.

Regional Symposiums –These regionally-focused meetings focus on the individual pursuit of resiliency and survivorship for young women affected by breast cancer and their co-survivors.

If you have any questions or need help with resources, please e-mail or call 877.972.1011.