Young women with metastatic breast cancer face particularly intense challenges—they’re also underserved by a medical community too often unaware of the unique issues young women face. Thankfully, for those living with metastatic breast cancer, YSC’s programs can help provide the support and information young women both need and deserve.

The Right Support for You

The MetsLink circle of support is there so that you are never alone. Our educational programs and teleconferences share information about advances in treatment and clinical trials—sharing the hope and understanding that advanced breast cancer is manageable.

A Circle of Support after the Dial Tone

Young women with advanced breast cancer lead full and successful lives—but we can all use the extra support of an understanding voice.

One-on-one: Talk to another young woman facing metastatic breast cancer through our SurvivorLink program.

Online: Connect with other young women through YSC's online community boards. Ask questions and share your experiences on a forum just for young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

Networking call: YSC’s telephone networking groups put you in touch with others who know your challenges first hand: young women with metastatic breast cancer who are single, married, raising children, managing careers or school, and working on relationships with loved ones.

Join our facilitated MetsLink networking calls to talk about the issues most important to you. You don’t have to leave home to participate: just dial in, offer support and share those stories that only another young woman with metastatic breast cancer can truly understand.

Talk to Us

Join us the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 8:00–9:30 p.m., ET. Catch one of the upcoming sessions:



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Call-in information: From the U.S., call 877-594-8353. From overseas, call 720-362-6860. Access code: 0284559.

Getting Started

Before you join our network of support, please complete our confidential MetsLink Questionnaire so we understand your needs and background. We leave plenty of space to describe the particular issues you most want to discuss.

If you’re already part of this community but completed your form more than six months ago or if you’d like to update a form you already filled out, feel free to submit a new form. You can complete it online or contact before joining your first call.

Resources that Feed Your Mind and Spirit

We have a collection of informational materials for young women with metastatic breast cancer, their caregivers and the medical community, including:

  • The Metastatic Navigator, which offers information and resources to young women living with metastatic breast cancer, including organizational tools to help keep track of your treatment and feel more in control
  • Audio files and transcripts of YSC educational presentations, with valuable information for the medical community, caregivers and young women with metastatic breast cancer