Our Partners in Support

YSC collaborates with many worthwhile organizations that help us provide a wider variety of programs and services. Together, we help young women facing breast cancer find the support, resources and information they deserve:

Annie Appleseed Project

This organization offers education about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and other wellness issues relevant to people facing cancer. President Ann Fonfa has presented on YSC’s teleconferences, helping young women with breast cancer understand how CAM can add to their healthcare options.


Bone and Cancer Foundation

This organization helps cancer patients and their caregivers better understand the causes and treatment of cancers of the bones. They have collaborated with YSC on educational teleconferences for young women with metastatic breast cancer, helping them better understand and take charge of their bone health.


Bright Pink

YSC works with Bright Pink to give young women the information they need in order to be their own health advocates. We collaborate on national educational teleconferences for young women already diagnosed with breast cancer and those at high risk for developing the disease.


Cancer and Careers

YSC works with Cancer and Careers to help young women with cancer continue to lead full lives in the working world. We collaborate on free, educational seminars offering practical advice for managing a career after a cancer diagnosis and sponsor the Cancer and Careers' National Conference on Work and Cancer.



This organization helps YSC give young women access to the medical expertise they need to manage their health. YSC is a partnering organization on CancerCare’s Breast Cancer Connect® Workshops —toll free teleconferences providing up-to-date information on cancer-related issues from leading experts in oncology.


Cancer Legal Resource Center

YSC is a sponsor of CLRC’s conferences. These conferences and other services offered by CLRC provide tools for managing the legal issues that can accompany a cancer diagnosis, with information valuable to those facing cancer, their caregivers and advocates.


Cancer Support Community

A merger between Gilda’s Club and The Wellness Community, this organization helps enrich and strengthen YSC’s network of support. They collaborate with YSC and its affiliates on several programs, ranging from local support groups to the development of a new educational programs and materials for women affected by breast cancer.


Feel Your Boobies

YSC has worked with this grassroots organization to promote their Are You Doing It?® campaign. This effort reminds young women to “feel their boobies” and take control of their breast health.


Fertile Hope

A national LIVESTRONG initiative, Fertile Hope has partnered with YSC on a range of programs helping young women understand fertility issues associated with cancer. Programs cover the effects of cancer treatment on fertility and the options for planning a family—topics of special importance for young women.


FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered)

This organization helps improve the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. YSC collaborated with FORCE to create our Hereditary Breast Cancer fact sheet and respective annual conferences.


Stupid Cancer

YSC has partnered with Stupid Cancer on a variety of projects, including their OMG! Cancer Summits for Young Adults. Several YSC staffers and volunteers have spoken on their internet radio broadcast, The Stupid Cancer Show , allowing us to reach and inform even more young women.


Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This organization, dedicated to determining the cause of IBC, worked with YSC to develop our Inflammatory Breast Cancer fact sheet , providing young women with basic knowledge about this type of cancer.



YSC is a proud member of the Critical Mass: The Young Adult Cancer Alliance . This coalition of organizations works to achieve longer, fuller lives for young adults diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15 and 40.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

YSC’s long-time collaborator, LBBC is a major part of the YSC network of support. The two organizations co-host education events like previous annual conferences and a recent webinar for healthcare providers.


Mautner Project

A collaborator on YSC educational teleconferences, the Mautner Project works to improve the health of women who partner with women—including lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. Together, we help give young women in these populations the resources they need.


Men Against Breast Cancer

MABC provides education and support, helping male caregivers stand strong with female loved ones diagnosed with breast cancer. MABC brings this crucial perspective to YSC as a long-time presenter at educational events.


Metastatic Breast Cancer Network

YSC worked with MBCN to achieve proclamation of the first Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day on October 13, 2007 in New York City. Since then, we continue to work together to offer support and resources to women with metastatic breast cancer.


National Breast Cancer Coalition

A representative of YSC sits on the NBCC Board of Directors, helping to advocate for young women facing breast cancer. Many of YSC’s staff members, volunteers and constituents have gained valuable expertise in NBCC’s science training program, Project LEAD®, and have learned to better amplify the voices of young women at the coalition’s annual Advocacy Training Conference in Washington, DC.


Pregnancy & Cancer Registry

Cooper University Health Care

For some women, the happiest time in their lives is complicated by the scariest times in their lives as some pregnant women are diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Elyce Cardonick, a Maternal Fetal Medicine physician at Cooper University Hospital collects information about the diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pregnant women. This information (kept strictly confidential) will help study the effects of a newly diagnosed cancer and treatment, if any, on a concurrent pregnancy. Following the development and behavior of the children after delivery is a  long term goal as well. Pregnancy outcomes for cancer survivors is another research goal of this confidential registry.


Pure Romance

YSC has co-hosted Pure Romance’s Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival!. This program reaches out to women, both in person and on the phone, to help them recapture their sensual and sexual selves following cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Research Advocacy Network

YSC and the Research Advocacy Network partner to help young advocates make their voices more powerful. Together, we provide hands-on education on the science of breast cancer so that advocates can speak with confidence, drawing on the best information possible.


SHARE (Self-help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer)

YSC and SHARE pool their expertise to produce programs specifically for young women affected by breast cancer.


Sister’s Network

This national African American breast cancer survivorship organization helps YSC provide educational and supportive services specifically addressing the needs of young, African American women.


Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen is a long-time supporter of YSC events and collaborations, working together to serve young women affected by breast cancer.



Vital Options International

YSC staffers have served as panelists on this nonprofit, cancer communications agency’s Advocacy in Action video and its talk radio show, The Group Room. These programs help us spread our voice of support for young women.