As a young women living with metastatic breast cancer, it's important to know You Are Not Alone! Young women with metastatic breast cancer face particularly intense challenges—they’re also underserved by a medical community too often unaware of the unique issues young women face. YSC created MetsLink, a suite of free resources to help you connect with other young women living with Stage IV breast cancer and empower you to take a proactive role with your healthcare team.

Resources that Feed Your Mind and Spirit

We have a collection of informational materials for young women with metastatic breast cancer, their caregivers and the medical community, including:

  • Metastatic Navigator: This navigator discusses various treatment options and provides advice on working with healthcare teams, along with forms to help you stay organized. View it online or order your copy today!
  • ResourceLink Guidebook:  YSC’s ResourceLink includes hundreds of national and local resources in a print guidebook and a searchable online tool.
  • Audio files and transcripts: Access YSC educational presentations, with valuable information for the medical community, caregivers and young women with metastatic breast cancer

Connect to Others

Find women who know what it's like to face stage IV breast cancer at a young age.

  • YSC SurvivorLink: Get one-on-one peer support from another young woman facing metastatic breast cancer 
  • YSC Online Community Boards: Connect with fellow Stage IV women 24/7. Ask questions and share your experiences on a forum just for young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
  • Networking call: Join our facilitated MetsLink networking calls to talk about the issues most important to you. You don’t have to leave home to participate: just dial in, offer support and share those stories that only another young woman with metastatic breast cancer can truly understand. Join us the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 8:00–9:30 p.m., ET. Call-in information: From the U.S., call 877-594-8353. From overseas, call 720-362-6860. Access code: 0284559. Catch one of the upcoming sessions:


October 14, 2014

November 11, 2014
December 9, 2014



Getting Started

Before you join our network of support, please complete our confidential MetsLink Questionnaire so we understand your needs and background. We leave plenty of space to describe the particular issues you most want to discuss.

If you’re already part of this community but completed your form more than six months ago or if you’d like to update a form you already filled out, feel free to submit a new form. You can complete it online or contact before joining your first call.