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Author: Erin Erck

n the end of 2007 I started experiencing pains in my right breast.

Author: Evelyne Novitsky

I remember every time I would pass myself in a mirror. I would look at my reflection in bewilderment.

Author: Frances Simone

I had no family history of breast cancer. I was active and worked out often.

Author: Gail Gutierres

My name is Gail. I am a seven year cancer survivor!

Author: Gina Stewart

Breast Cancer Behind the Badge. Hi! My name is Gina Stewart; I am a police officer and have been since February 14, 1991, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 14, 2006.

Author: Gina Mellone

As I was showering on May 7, 1997 to get ready for my daughter's birthday party, I felt a lump under my left arm.

Author: Harvinder Dhillon

On May 21st, 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3, invasive infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the left breast.

Author: Heather Boyle

About 2 years ago, I sat down to nurse my new daughter and turned on the Today Show. One of the guests that day was Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, with his wife and new baby. Lance developed testicular cancer over 4 years ago while training for the Tour de France. When discovered, it had spread to his lungs and his brain. He went on to fight the fight and won the battle. Two years later he won the Tour de France and just 2 years ago became a father to a beautiful baby boy.

Author: Heather McManamy

My life before all of this was AWESOME. I never thought about cancer. I certainly never thought it could happen to me.

Author: Hetal Sopariwala

My husband found the lump in mid-November. At first I was too scared to even think about it. I finally got the courage to set up the appointment with my gynecologist.