Sandra's Story, diagnosed at 35

My life will never be the same....I had just had a new baby, my mother had passed 2 years prior, and my dad passed about 8 months prior. Then here comes cancer…wow!


I was taking a shower and felt a lump in my left breast I didn't have cancer on my mind, not at all. I thought that maybe the lump was from my milk ducts, because I had just had a baby; at least that's what my sister said. The lump began to get sore as I would press it trying squeeze milk from it, but nothing happened. But one day I bought a breast pump and started to pump my breast still no milk.

I believe it was the next day when I would have to place tissue inside of my bra to keep the blood that was coming from my nipple from coming through my bra. I then decided that I would make a trip to my OB/GYN. She tried to drain the lump but nothing came threw the needle, which totally frightened me. My OB/GYN told me that this happens often, but I was still scared.

As I proceeded with test after test, needle after, the report finally came early one morning when no one but me and my 3 month old daughter were home. The phone ring and I knew when they told me to come into the office and bring 2 people along. I insisted that she tell me over the phone and she complied, saying, "Mrs. McKenzie you have breast cancer." Oh my God, I am going to die? Who will take care of my daughter? Why? What happened? etc.

I had stage 3 breast cancer and my tumor 5 centimeters had grown to almost 6 centimeters within about 2 weeks, with 4+ lymphnodes. I went through chemo, radiation, surgery (double mastectomy) stomach infection, skin break out, you name it.

But it was all worth it because God spared my life and I am still here to do what He has called me to do, along with raising my now 2 year old daughter. Thank you God.

This year in Sept. I'll have my reconstruction surgery.
I encourage all to stay positive and be strong. You can do it because I did it… with a 3-month-old.