Amber's Story, diagnosed at 23

I had a baby Feb 1999, at the young age of 21. I nursed for 6 weeks then off and on for 6 months. 6 months after that I felt a lump and had discharge from my nipples. I waited for my husband's insurance to begin, which came in January 2001. My Dr. sent me for a mammogram. At this point, I am 23. The radiologist turned me away and said I am a waste of film!

I go back to my Dr. and they call and force them to give me a mammogram. He puts it up to the light and says "See, a waste of film, this is just fatty dense tissue." I found a surgeon who is going to take the lump out "just for my piece of mind." I woke up with half of my boob gone. I had 5 more lumpectomies then bilateral mastectomies. I had BRCA and 3 ovarian surgeries to take out the tumors. I then had a full hysterectomy. Overall, I had 19 surgeries in 8 years. I have been cut from sternum all the way around and up shoulder blades. I had reconstructive surgery 4 months ago. However, I now have lumps in my lungs and possibly liver, which I'm now working on.