’You’re too young for breast cancer.’ This is what my doctor told me in a most confident tone when I pointed out a lump in my right breast. But, he was wrong.

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Survivor Stories are personal reflections and experiences that members of the YSC Circle share with others affected by breast cancer. If you would like to add your own voice to this collection, please follow this link to submit your story.

Featured Survivor Stories

Author: Jennifer Manghisi

I had just turned 24 years old on June 1, 2008 and my mother had just been diagnosed with DCIS stage 0 breast cancer and needed to have a lumpectomy with radiation to follow.

Author: Melissa Altamirano

My name is Melissa Robles Altamirano and I am 32 years old.

Author: Elizabeth Mandile

When I was 24 years old I found a breast lump.

Author: Jerica Loaiza

It's been almost two years since I was diagnosed, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a breast cancer survivor! My life will never be the same, but it is mine, and it is a gift.

Survivor Stories

Get knowledge and inspiration from the powerful stories of other young women who have been right where you are.