Long-Term Survivor Navigator

For breast cancer survivors, every cancer-free year after completing treatment is an important milestone worth celebrating! Though you may be finished with treatments, you are still likely dealing with the long term impact of breast cancer on your life. YSC has created Beyond 5 Years: A Navigator for Long-Term Survivors, to help you manage the issues you may face years beyond diagnosis and treatment.

Your family and friends might assume this difficult chapter of your life is over, but you’re probably still dealing with the impact of breast cancer: physically, emotionally, professionally and financially. You may feel like you are aging out of the young survivor community but have trouble connecting with older, more recently diagnosed peers. You’re likely to have questions about how breast cancer will affect you as you advance from young adulthood into middle age.

Our Long-Term navigator is designed as a companion piece to YSC's What’s Next? A Young Woman’s Post-Treatment Navigator. In Beyond 5 Years, though, we address some of the unique concerns women have as they transition from new survivor to longer-term survivor. Topics covered include: Medical Care and Physical Health, Overall Heath & Wellness, Emotional Health & Relationships; Family Risk; Financial, Legal and Employment Concerns, Crafting Your Life After Breast Cancer and Survivorship Resources. 

COMING SOON: The long term navigator will be available Fall 2014! Pre-order your copy today!